Ichikokoro Teacher of the Gods
She was a titled expert known as the ‘Lonely Ice Maiden’ that was able to wander the realms freely. But over a treasure, she was surrounded and killed. She spent the last moments of her life reminiscing about her earlier years, wishing to could go back in time. Then, her wish was granted. She had watched, powerless, as her family fell from power. She had watched, powerless, as her family...
The Beginning of the Third Era has struck upon Ignis. But When did Eras change for good? Great War has struck the whole Continent. But why? The lust for land? The fact that people are easily manipulated? Gold Coins? Well. All of the above. BUT. There wouldn't be a War to begin with in the second Era if Xakro illustrato didn't kill the Electus. "Peaceful" Demons from one of the several...
EternityOfSolitude Anything For The Crown
An old emperor said to his son, "remember, anything for the crown". An epic tale of political struggle and moral darkness of humanity.
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