Synteresis GrandMaster Dao
The greatest and most powerful Dao. One that surpasses all other Dao. The Dao of Everything. To train this Dao is the most difficult to train, no matter who it is, what circumstances they have, or who their master is. Mastering a single Dao, reaching the apex of power with only that single Dao, plowing through that path further than anyone has ever gone before. Then, after dying, master another...
MarvelousZing LAST Series 1: Last Dance
LAST Series #1: Last Dance Written by: MarvelousZing
Unreliablewon I am now a saiyan
I got bored of seeing non harem dragon ball fan fics so i decided to make one without realy focusing on early character development considering this is a reincarnation to dragon ball universe fan fic.
coconuteats The Rise Of Two Heroes
On the grounds of the Heavenly Jade Fortress lives two prodigies. One an Orphan. One with a father who is missing in action. One a disciple of Elder Gao and the other a disciple of Elder Bai. This is the story of their early years, a love triangle, and the end to a conspiracy. ------------------------------------------ Warning: LGBTQA themes. (If that offends you please don't read it...

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