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beep! beep! beep! *the sound of the alarm is being echoed throughout the quiet room. suddenly a hand slams on the button to stop the alarm. the time on the clock said 7:00 a.m.*

"Augh....."*A girl at the age of 15 grumbles in annoyance slowly sitting up as she looks around. while yawning loudly and stretching; she jumps out of bed to head to her bathroom to brush her teeth.*"Sigh, great another year to go by slow."*The girl looks in the mirror as she looks at her appearance. she had long blue straight hair, her eyes are honey brown colored. She was standing at 5"3 ft, although her chest was a bit small her body figure made up for it. Even if people don't look close enough, this girl had an hourglass figure. To bad hides it underneath the baggy clothes she wears. After the girl was done brushing and looking at herself she jumps into the shower.*

-meanwhile downstairs-

*The household was lively as always due to the cooking in the kitchen, and the tv turned on in the living room. a woman who looked about to be in her mid 30s was humming while flipping a pancake.*

"Mom! Luke stole my favorite eraser!"*a cute little girl who looks to be of the age 9 comes running in face red full of anger. she was so upset because her twin brother took her favorite eraser and never gave it back. The little girl had cute blonde twintail hair, with green emerald eyes*

"Oh calm down, Lana, I didn't steal it. I borrowed it*a boy who seemed to be the identical twin of Lana, came strolling in leisurely. this boy's name was Luke. He had dirty blonde hair with multi-color eyes, his left eye is emerald green like his twin; and his right eye is Honey brown like his eldest sister. although the twins are identical he was the only one out of the siblings who had two different eye color.

"No, you stole it. because i didn't give you permission to touch my stuff"*Lana said angrily as their mom sighs and smacks the spatula she had on the counter to get the twins attention*

"Now listen here kids, it is to early in the morning for this. Luke you shouldn't have taken your sisters things without asking first, a true gentleman would've asked.*As their mom said this Lana smirks and showed tongue to Luke. meanwhile the mother turned to Lana to scold her next*"And you little missy, you should know to share and help each other out. One of these days i'm not gonna be around to support and help you. so its up to you, my lovely children to help each other. Do i make myself clear?"*She looks at the twins who nodded quickly*"Good now go and finish getting ready, and call Dawn down. its almost time for you kids to head out"

*After their mother said those words the twins ran to finish getting ready and Lana knocks on Dawn's door*

"Dawn, Mom said to hurry. its almost time for school!"*Lana says softly; but loud enough for her sister to hear*

-After the shower-

*Dawn finishes showering and heads to her closet to see what clothes should she wear today. As she tilted h

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