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Karasuma was walking home from his worker place with depressed face, after dedicated himself for ten years the manager at his office heartlessly fired him because the company had some crisis financial. Although Karasuma indeed not a brilliant person, at least he was honest and diligent. When there was on-going project, he never agree on manipulating the fund in order to get a bit bonus for himself, but the rest of his coworker who are dirty and bastard still sit safe and sound at his previous workplace now.

Probably because they had connection with the manager or something.

Karasuma sighed and returned to his two story normal rent, now without any income, he didn't know whether he could stay here or not, the money he got as the compensation from being fired perhaps can fed him for two month, tops. If he couldn't find a new job, he will have to leave the rent and looked somewhere cheaper to live.

Or perhaps he could return to his hometown if he in the end didn't succeed on gaining any available job.

Nowadays in Fukuoka is rather hard to live, many company no longer open new recruitment or more prefer fresh graduate from university over someone experience like him.

While indeed those youngster are more energetic and full of idea than him, his work experience shouldn't be taken easy either.

Karasuma pulled out his room key, unlocked his door and swung it open, but before he entered, the door belong to the room beside his swayed gently, revealing a beautiful lady that carry a trash bag in her arm.

"Ara? Karasuma-kun? You return home quite early..." the beautiful woman noticed his presence and looked startle.

"Yes, Saeko-san, my company got some finance trouble therefore I had been fired..." Karasuma bitterly sighed.

"Oh, that's terrible! You have been so long with them, right?" Saeko gasped while her face revealed a genuine concern.

"Yeah, but what can I do, the management is on power after all..."

"I am sorry Karasuma-kun, do you want to come over to have a dinner? Such unfortunate event shouldn't be handle by yourself..."

Ah... Saeko-san always had been kind to him, she currently wore a home clothing with her hair black hair fell gracefully into her back and glossy hair ornament rested above her head. Her face came in a shape of triangle and her skin was fair. Her boobs also big and several other part is curvy.

Karasuma couldn't help but sometimes imagine how good if he could feel those boobs in his meaty hand, it will be much better if he also could taste her pussy.

Don't blame him for fantasizing such an ero thing about her, this rent's wall is thin, every night he could hear her moan while she had a sex with her boyfriend. Her crisp and melodious tune provoke his hand to rub his dick.

"Saeko, what are you doing?"

Suddenly, a gruff voice came from inside her room, Saeko's face slightly troubled before she braved herself and faced the man who just strolled out from inside.


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