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icscib > IMMORTAL EXPERT REBORN AS A FROST DEMON IN DBZ > -1 Power levels,Cultivation Techniques and Skills
Power Levels:Realm>battle power>longevity

Body refinement(1-9)>100-1000>100-400 years

Meridan connecting(1-9)>1000-10000>400-1000 yaers

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foundation establishment(1-9)>10000-1,000,000>5000yrs

Core bearing stage(1-9)>1,000,000-100,000,000>10000yrs

Golden core(1-9)>100,000,000-1 billion>1 million yrs

Astral soul(3 stages)>1 billion-5.6 billion>5 million yrs

King stage(1-9)>5.6 billion-100 billion>10 million yrs

Emperor stage(1-9)>100 billion-900 billion>60 million yrs

Saint realm(1-9)>900 billion-3 trillion>100 million yrs

God realm[it will be explianed along the way]

other realms will be mentioned later

Cultivation skills and techniques are graded into Mortal, earth, sky, heaven, god, immortal, divine with sub-graded into low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier, supreme-tier.

weapon categories will be mentioned later.

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