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"Ok, the sealing spell has been completed successfully, now it only needs that little Shan advance quickly in his training of spiritual magic" Qiang Shen said, "don't worry Bro Shen, I will strive to learn as fast as possible my spiritual magic" said Lu QingShan.

After finishing the sealing spell, Qiang Shen and Lu QingShan picked up the unconscious Jiang Chen and was taken to the room of Little Shan while his parents took Lu Yue to his room.

After everyone returned to the room, Qiang Shen asked Mr. Lu if they also wanted to learn magic but both said it was not necessary. "Don't worry son, while little Yue can survive and little Shan can protect her, we're fine," they said.


Before saying goodbye, Jiang Chen had already woken up and was waiting for his friend outside the house while Qiang Shen asked Lu QingShan to provide him with the Quartz Geode to analyze it and see if it could be used. After inspecting it, he realized that the Geode was genuine and contained a huge amount of natural and spiritual energy in its crystals. "Little Shan, tomorrow I will come again to create a magical formation with the Geode so that you can be practicing at home and you can improve in your practice of magic" said Qiang Shen while returning the Geode to little Shan and he gave up.

"Are you okay?" Qiang Shen asked his friend as they walked. "Yes bro, although I'm still a bit stunned by the blow but I'm fine" replied Jiang Chen.

After having walked approximately 15 minutes to the bus stop, Jiang Chen deviated a little because he needed to go to the Bank to deliver some documents that his mother had to deliver. "Bro, wait a minute, I just go in and go out," said Jiang Chen.

Qiang Shen saw his friend enter the bank and while waiting he began to plan his goal. When his allies have reached the minimum level in magic, he could leave to continue cultivating and find the 10 swords of the conqueror.

1- Excalibur of Arturo Pendragon

2- Joyeuse of Carlo Magno

3- Balmung of Siegfried

4- Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar of King Salomon

5- Honjo Masamune of the Tokugawa Shogunate

6- Chi Xiao of Liu Bang

7- az Isten kardja of Atila

8- HOMO DEI of Jeanne d'Arc

9- Fragarach of Cúchulainn

10- Claymore of William Wallace

"Each one of these swords belonged to a conqueror, they have spiritual properties, they have their own conscience and they themselves choose their master, when they do not feel the aura of the conqueror nearby, the sword remains asleep until it finds its bearer. I have to find those swords, even if they do not choose me as their carrier, I can travel with them until they find a worthy Master" thought Qiang Shen.

It had already been 5 minutes since Jiang Chen had entered the Bank when Qiang Shen began to hear gunshots coming from the Bank.


Jiang Chen quietly entered the Bank and went directly to an executive, explained the reason for his visit and the executive looked on his computer for his mother's file. After a few minutes, the executive found the information of Qiang Shen's mother, verified the missing documents and Jiang Chen gave them to him. After reviewing these documents, the executive moved the information in the credit file of Jiang Chen's mother and said goodbye to the young man. When Jiang Chen was about to retire, he heard some shots. The Bank doors were closed and a group of 4 people in black clothes started firing at the ceiling.

"This is a robbery! Everyone on the ground and if they don't obey us, we eliminate them at this moment!!" Scream one of the thieves. At that moment, without hesitation, all the people who were at the Bank's counter were thrown to the ground. "Young man, hide under the table behind my desk, it's a bit narrow but it's going to be fine there," the executive told Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen did not hesitate and ran to hide under

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