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Qiang Shen had never thought that the cliff with the extreme wind was inside that cave and he was so excited that he felt that he wanted to cry of joy, he had never believed that by saving his teacher he was going to find the place with extreme wind, almost felt that was a great coincidence ... no, that's wrong, since he came back to this time, he had a saying that helped him to say his doubts: "in this world there are no coincidences because God does not play dice " This saying helped him to understand in situations that he did not know what to do, so before he recklessly entered cultivation, he decided to return to where Zhen Lin was.


After Qiang Shen went to look for the resource of that mysterious light, she was again thinking about everything that Qiang Shen must have lived and the more he thought about it, the more doubts arose. "Why did he say he lived a hell for fifteen years? Where did he get that killer instinct? What secrets does he have that make his heart so hurt?" she was thinking. Just remembering the cry of Qiang Shen caused pain to his heart, this made her want to be at his side more and more.

After waiting for almost 1 hour, she saw that Qiang Shen was coming back and was running to meet her. "Welcome back" was the first thing she said, "I'm back" he replied, "the origin of that light is not dangerous" Qiang Shen continued saying, after he told her what he had discovered, "despite that it is not dangerous enough to destroy Mt. Heng, it is for anyone who enters that chamber, but even so I need to enter since it is a valuable resource for my cultivation, so I need you to stay from the entrance of the I cave in while I get in there, and after I get out of there, we can go back to Beijing together." "No, I'm going with you, even if I can not get into that chamber with you, I can wait for you at the entrance" she interrupted him. Qiang Shen didn't know what to say, on the one hand he was grateful for how understanding Zhen Lin was by not asking anything of everything she had seen, but on the other hand he didn't want to involve her in something so dangerous so after thinking about it for a moment, he agreed that she would wait for him outside the fissure.


When Qiang Shen entered the chamber where the cliff was with the energy of extreme wind, he decided to start cultivating absorbing that energy, however as soon as it started, the energy began to turn wild and again became calm again, then it changed direction and of speed. After an hour, qiang Shen began to form the core of elemental wind energy within his Dantian, and began to understand the nature of the wind, however the energy was becoming increasingly savage, now whenever Qiang Shen was trying to absorb more energy, the wind flowed from one side to another and then began to appear several cuts throughout his body, then when the wind changed direction, those cuts began to heal, when flowing from one side felt like a gentle breeze and immediately when it changed direction, it seemed like something was trying to throw it, it was similar and still different from water, while the water was sometimes calm and harmonious and other times it was violent and destructive, the wind was gentle and silent but at the same time he was wild and untamable, sometimes it was as if he protected you and in others it was as if he wanted to eliminate you, sometimes you could feel it and in others you did not know if it was there.

As the hours passed, Qiang Shen became increasingly aware of the essence of the wind until the core of elemental wind energy was fully formed and the energy within his body was full.

When he finally opened his eyes, he realized that there was still some wind inside the cliff, but that energy did not feel like natural energy, it did not feel like spiritual energy, it felt like something divine, it was an energy similar

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