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After Qiang Shen left his house, he started running with all his strength and in 10 minutes he arrived at the Houhai Lake near the Jingshan Park, at that time there were several people, he looked for a quiet area but when he did not find, he climbed a tree close where the branches hid it perfectly and started the first cycle of the breathing method.

After he finished the first cycle of breathing and started again, Qiang Shen manage to feel a strange presence, it had no form or essence, it did not seem hostile but harmonious and he felt that it was enveloping it. When he realized, his conscience was inside his Dantian and when he checked his surroundings he did not recognize what he saw.

In his past life, when he arrived at the third realism and started his way with the Dao of the sword, his Dantian seemed an infinite field with buried swords, and each time he understood more of the Dao more swords were showing their complete form, as if they recognized with their equal, as if they had their own conscience. But on this occasion it was all different, first he saw that above him there was an object that looked like a giant pendulum and around his person, he saw that they were what appeared to be six vortices and in the center there was a stone feather on a pedestal. When Qiang Shen try to approach one of the vortices he could not touch them, he hit against what seemed to be a force field.


While Qiang Shen's consciousness was inside his Dantian, a strange phenomenon was happening in the outside world. As if they were being attracted by something, storm clouds began to appear in the sky above Lake Houhai and were expanding throughout the capital, then those same clouds were beginning to form a kind of spiral and without anyone noticing, it started raining.


Qiang Shen was completely silent. He didn't know why or how but that presence that he had felt, was beginning to enter his body and one of the vortices began to shine with a sky blue tone and began to form an image within that vortex, but Qiang Shen could not discern what image it was.


When people outside saw the rain falling from these strange clouds, people who were in the vicinity of Lake Houhai saw an even stranger phenomenon, when the drops of rain were falling, it seemed that the water of the lake were throwing water . You could see clearly how drops of water were coming out of the lake and when they reached a height that they calculated was 5 meters, it seemed as if they were hitting something and they disappeared, it was a strange spectacle to see while some drops fell, others rose, It was like watching a dance of nature.

After thirty minutes of seeing that phenomenon, the people of the surroundings saw how it ended, it did not take two minutes before they could feel the last drops of rain fall.

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