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[The first to communicate with human children was the God Smith, being in an era where they could go into battle at any time, human children could not understand their teachings but little by little they were improving and soon they could learn to forge weapons like scimitars and axes. By the time God the Blacksmith was teaching human children, the God of War had two children: the God of Arms and the God of Fight.

After a few years, these children grew up and confronted monsters and demons but their weapons could not prevail and with their bodies they could not sustain a battle, even though the God of Fight had taught them martial arts. It was then that the 6 Primordial Gods took the decision to give humans the wisdom to understand the essence of Gea, but that knowledge could not say it directly because they could not understand it, so with the help of the Primal Gods, they made thousands of creatures they had created would develop skills belonging to the Primordial Gods and brought them closer to human settlements.

It was then that those young people who had received the teachings of the Gods and were able to survive the battles, began to observe these creatures. At first they could not understand what the gods were trying to make them understand but as time went on they began to see and imitate the movements and reactions of those animals and they felt a presence in all places, that's where for the first time, humans returned to communicate with Gea.

When the humans began to feel the presence of Gea, they realized that their spirit could strengthen them so they began to try to absorb that spiritual essence, but being the essence of a divine being, the bodies exploded. It was then that a child managed to understand the movements of a fiery bird, began to observe more detailed movements and trying to reproduce them, he realized that it was easier to absorb the energy of Gea and his body began to improve in several ways.

Soon more children began to awaken this potential by seeing them learn from these animals. Snow-white foxes able to generate cold and provoke blizzards, Birds of Fire that manipulated the fire and when they died caught fire and from their ashes were reborn and that later it was called Fenix, Bears with skin like rocks, Tigers that They could generate lightning flashes, cats that could manipulate shadows and several other animals. Also, with the help of summoning magicians they could invoke Dragons of the past and learn from their knowledge and with the help of the God of Fight they developed techniques that could improve their abilities.

There were also human children who could not understand anything about the animals but with the help of the God of Arms they began to develop fighting skills with them. Swords of all kinds, spears, daggers, whips, scythes, Zhuas, Chakram and several more. Those who began to practice with this type of weapons and fighting techniques were known as Cultivators.

What the Gods did not expect, was that the cultivators, by understanding the spiritual energy of Gea, became unable to absorb and manipulate the natural energy so that in direct confrontations were the cultivators while in the rear were the magicians. It was when a hero of humans, making a pact with one of the natural spirits, that they discovered the way to solve that problem, thus appearing the magic cultivators.

When Lilith realized that the humans were getting stronger, she decided to gather all the beings created by the servant of the God of Calamity to destroy all humans. The Gods, realizing their plans, made all the newborn children go into a deep sleep and hid them in various places around Gea where the demons could not reach them and recorded the memories in the blood of those children so that they would never forget their origins.

All human cultivators, special animals, spirits and magicians decided to completely eliminate the demons, and soon had a war that completely annihilated

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