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It has been several months since Qiang Shen communicated with the Primordial Goddess Ceres. During this time he has seen the changes that Zhen Lin has undergone during this time.

The first change he noticed in her is that her physical attributes had increased. Her agility has increased significantly, from this he learned because shortly after restarting classes, she was about to be hit by a moving truck (perhaps it will be truck-kun? XD) when she returned home, but she managed evade it and leave unharmed. When she told him what happened, she commented that she felt as if "something" helped her jump and avoid the truck that was going to hit her (goodbye isekai).

The second change she showed was in her personality, while before she was considered strict, she was now calmer, and more proactive. He joked with the students and he was increasingly hinted at Qiang Shen, sometimes even in public. On one occasion the directors reprimanded her for showing affection for a student, but it was thanks to Qiang Shen who told them that her family had known her for a long time and her parents asked her to take care of him at school, stating that it was a relationship of brother and sister. The teachers forgave her mainly because it was a request from the best student in the school, but they told and asked her to stop those samples of "fraternal" love in public.

The last change he perceived in her was that the climate around her was constant. It was not so hot, but not so cold either, it was a cool and pleasant climate, on occasion you could feel a cool breeze like spring and in others, especially during the P.E. The students ended up coming to the infirmary with any excuse to see the beautiful nurse and refresh themselves at the same time.

All these changes were not unnoticed by Qiang Shen, but the most significant change was not that of his teacher, it was his friends who changed the most. Knowing the relationship that Qiang Shen had with Jiang Chen who were like brothers, the revelation they gave him a few days earlier surprised him too much.

When Yin Xue saw how extremely affectionate that Zhen Lin had turned to Qiang Shen, knowing her temperament, he believed that she was going to burst with rage, however she only got a little angry and as time went by she saw that her best friend and friend were getting closer and when the 2 friends were talking after their practice of magic that Jiang Chen confessed to his friend what was happening.

"Bro, there is something I need to confess to you," Jiang Chen told him. "I like Yin Xue and I confessed today at the lunch." This revelation struck him like lightning and Qiang Shen didn't know what to say. When they left school that day, she told them that she could not accompany them on a personal matter and Qiang Shen didn't suspect anything, but when he asked his friend what her response was, he had a doubt because that could become a bit awkward but what he heard left him even more shocked. "I tol

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