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When all the members of the Xuan Gu team met, Captain Shishi began to explain the emergency.

"About 3 minutes ago, the Bai Hu team detected three people who entered the main laboratory of the Chinese University of Mining and Technology and the signal was lost in the security cameras," Captain Shishi began, "the last transmission of the cameras was this image" after saying this, he showed them an image on the screen. There you could see three people completely white, their clothes were of the ocidentale style, you could see something resembling a fireball and in the left sleeve of the shirt of one of them you could see a figure. When they requested to see the more amplified image, they could see the image of a wolf devouring a man.

"Fenrir," one of the team members said unconsciously. When everyone heard it, they turned to see him with faces of doubt. "What do you mean A2? Do you recognize that figure?" asked Captain Shishi.

"If my intuition is correct, that image is of the mythical beast Fenrir, also known as the murderer of the Gods, according to the Nordic mythology, with the arrival of Ragnarok he will be the one who will kill God Odin, it is said that his Fangs are so lethal that no God can take more than eight steps without falling dead, is brother of Jormurgandr, the snake that surrounds and devours the world" said A2.

"Well, then what do you say is that this group of people has to do with a European organization?" Seriously asked Captain Shishi.

"That... I do not know, sir," answered A2, lowering his head to apologize. "Then you know what the objective of these terrorists is?" the captain asked again. "I do not know either, sir," answered A2 again. "So you know what they used to throw that fire, do not you know if they used a small flamethrower, a mini bomb or something else?" the captain asked again, "I do not know sir," answered A2 again with a lower tone. "What did you say, I do not listen to you," replied the captain, "I do not know either, sir." A2 answered with a stronger voice but felt a bit of embarrassment in his voice. "Then do not make clarifications without having a solid base, understood !!!?" shouted the captain to what A2 responded with a "Yes sir!"

Captain Shishi was quite upset, because he felt a strong humiliation because they could not find the culprit in the Taoyuan Park incident, so they had to declare it as a gas explosion.

When Captain Shihi was about to give the orders, someone started talking, "Sir, and if it is the work of a magician?" When they heard this, all members of the Xuan Gu team turned to see the source of that voice: Qiang Syaoran. "What do you mean, R1?" the captain asked. "Sir, I should not have kept this, but it was necessary to clarify my doubts first, I'm saying that maybe that person cast a fireball spell" Qiang Syaoran replied. "Is that you're stupid? How can you say..." "Sir, what I'm going to tell you has to be absolutely secret," interrupted Qiang Syaoran. "First I would like the captain to check with the XuQue team if the main hidden martial arts sects in Huaxia are planning a meeting," he said with a serious expression.

Captain Shishi was shocked, "that they had to see one thing with the other?" he asked himself but at the insistence of his subordinate, he had no choice but to contact the captain of the XuQue team, Luduan.

After being on the phone for almost 5 minutes, Captain Shishi ended his call with Luduan and rushed to Dad Qiang. "Syaoran !!!" he said in a furious voice forgetting to speak to him by his code name, "as you got that information, Luduan just informed me that they heard about that meeting just today in the first hour of the day, not even I knew of the existence of those hidden sects, tell me How did you know that information? !! " The information they had just given him was so shocking and secret that he almost hit his subordinate to tell him the information.

"Captain, what I am going to tell you all at this mome

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