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The first thing that Qiang Shen and Jiang Chen did when they arrived at the school, was to go to room 3-a looking for Yin Xue. After the three of them met, Qiang Shen told them about the advance in the cultivation that he achieved during the night. "Then the phenomenon that happened was caused by you?" It was the first thing that Jiang Chen asked. "Phenomenon?" Qiang Shen asked "Yes, last night the sky was weird, the clouds seemed to be gathered by something, although it did not last long," Yin Xue said. "No, I would not know to tell you, yesterday I was meditating all night" Qiang Shen replied. "Ok, at lunch time we are going to try to bro-Chen create his first flame..." "I have a doubt?!" interrupted Yin Xue, "how is it possible that being a cultivator, you know so much about magic?" she asked.Qiang Shen did not know how to answer the question of his friend, his parents and Jiang Chen could tell them because they were the most trusted people, but in the case of Yin Xue... he still didn't know if he should tell her or not.

Seeing the complicated expression on Qiang Shen's face, Yin Xue said, "Forget it, if you can not tell me I will not ask again" she said as she put on a sad face. "It's not that I do not want to tell you, it's just that I think it's not yet time for you to know," Qiang Shen replied when he saw the face his friend was wearing. "Then we'll see each other at lunchtime," said Jiang Chen and retreated to his classroom. After him, Qiang Shen also said goodbye and retired to his classroom.


At lunchtime, Qiang Shen escaped again as he had been doing the last few days, first erased his presence, then used his speed to avoid the students until reached the roof of the third building. Shortly after he arrived, Jiang Chen and Yin Xue also arrived. Immediately after they closed the access door, Qiang Shen began to release its internal energy in all directions. "Ok, there's nobody else here," he said. This was to prevent anyone else from seeing them, however the range of their internal energy barely managed to cover the entire area of ​​the roof of the third building.

"Then first let's see how Ms. Xue has improved," said Qiang Shen.

Both Qiang Shen and Jiang Chen saw how Yin Xue started with the first set of movements of her cultivation technique. "Sis Xue has improved a lot" said Qiang Shen "her movements are more fluid and precise". Yin Xue listened to Qiang Shen's congratulations and smiled slightly, which caused her to make a mistake in a movement "Do not distract yourself!" Qiang Shen told him. After Yin Xue finished the first set of moves, she was going to start performing the second but Qiang Shen stopped her. "I know you can finish the second set of moves but you need to perfect the first set. You must learn not to lose concentration or you will lose all the energy and all the effort you used to use it". Said Qiang Shen without knowing that he was the reason why she became deconcentrated.

"Then we continue with bro-Chen" said Qiang Shen. "According to what the elemental book of fire spells says, you must first activate and connect your mana heart with the mana brain to see and feel the natural energy, then you must concentrate the mana in your hand and attract the natural energy of fire, then you have to combine your mana with that natural energy and make an image in your head with the shape of a flame. "

After Qiang Shen finished saying the procedure, Jiang Chen began to concentrate. First he activated his mana heart and his mana brain, it took him less than a minute to do it. Immediately as soon as he made the connection of those 2, he began to see what appeared to be transparent fog of various colors, there were some more and there were a few less, then he began to concentrate the mana of his body in his right hand. Thanks to his constant practice of magic control, the mana of his body was enough to be able to cast a level one sp

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