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"Zhen Lin, Zhen Lin, wake up !!!" Qiang Shen was completely scared, he did not know what his teacher had, she just did not react and when he got to the fissure and tried to get it out, he was hit and thrown by a mysterious force.

The force was such that it almost made him fall down the cliff, however he was fortunate enough to fall on the shore and immediately rose again ignoring the wounds that had just formed. When he managed to stand up, he saw that Zhen Lin was standing looking at him but when he saw the eyes of his teacher, he saw that they had an endless depth.

"You should not alarm yourself Gaia's son" Qiang Shen heard Zhen Lin started talking to him, but it was with a presence that he could not recognize and what surprised him most was that she called him the son of Gea. "Who are you?" he asked angrily as he raised his insight, however an extremely strong power was released from the body of Zhen Lin and forced him to fall to the ground, he realized that this was a power of Divine class.

"That's better, it was not my intention to hurt you, but it's better to be relaxed," said the divine spirit within Zhen Lin's body. For Qiang Shen it was too strange, because Zhen Lin never showed any sign of possessing any special attribute such as magic or cultivation. "First let me tell you that it is a pleasure to meet the first human to invoke the magic of time" began to say the divine spirit. Qiang Shen was completely petrified, it is impossible for anyone to know that he invoked the magic of time. Seeing the shock face in Qiang Shen, the divine spirit begins to laugh, "fu fu fu fu, it's true what they said about you, that the first human capable of using the magic of time had a unique personality." When Qiang Shen finished listening to the divine spirit, he knew who the being was in front of him, even though it was supposed to be impossible.

"I think you have already discovered part of my identity" said the divine being while smiling and moments later, he saw how the divine being used the body of Zhen Lin, threw his hand and at that moment witnessed as the wind began to move generating a Whirlwind with them two in the center.

"My name is Ceres, one of the Primordial Gods, ruler of the winds, I came to thank you, son of Gea," said Ceres.

"Give me thanks, what is this humble human being doing for the almighty Goddess of the Wind?" said Qiang Shen, he thought it was a [Goddess] because she used a woman's voice, but he did not know if it was because she was using Zhen Lin's body or if it was her own voice "do not be so pessimistic, what you've been doing, it's something that nobody has ever been able to achieve for a long time," answered the Goddess of the Wind. She did not seem to be affected if they said he was a man or a woman.

"For being a human who used the magic of the wind, I suspected you were a magician, but on observing you better I see that you are a cultivator, however I think you must have discovered the truth

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