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icscib > Coming back to save the world > 18 Just call me Zheng!
When Qiang Shen reacted, he realized that he was in a forest, when he turned around he saw that Jiang Chen and Yun Xue were unconscious but they were unhurt.

"It seems that you are more resistant than you look" Qiang Shen heard him being told. When he saw the person who spoke to him, he realized that it was the old man who gave him the cultivation book. "Welcome to my space, do not worry, nothing bad will happen," said the old man. "Who are you?" Qiang Shen asked. "Do not rush, first try to recover some strength" said the old man. After the old man finished speaking, Qiang Chen realized that the place was completely full of natural energy." Seeing that the old man did not want to hurt them, he made Qiang Shen relax and began to recover his energy.


After a few minutes passed, Qiang Shen's energy had recovered 70% in full.


After having recovered much of his energy, Qiang Shen again went to where the old man was and bowed. "Qiang Shen thanks the venerable old man for saving our lives," he said. "Ha ha ha ha ha, you do not have to be so formal, I'm not so old ... well maybe yes but do not pay attention to things of little value" said the old man while laughing. "Can I know the name of my benefactor so I can thank him properly and I would also like to know, where is this place?" Qiang Shen asked as he ignored what the old man had told him. "I already told you not to be so polite to me, we are both cultivators ha ha ha ha, well, if you want to know my name, just call me Zheng!," said the old man Zheng, "and are you currently within my energy space" "space energy?" Qiang Shen asked. "Are you telling me you're in the 6th realism?" "Realism?" Oh, you mean the Sage cycle, yes, I've been in that cycle for a few hundred years.

Qiang Shen was impressed. During his previous life, he knew that there were powerful people and he knew all the names of the cultivators who were in the Realism of the Sage, and they did not exceed the fingers of their hands, besides they were all the leaders or the Great Elders of the clans and sects hidden but also knew that they were the first to die after the fateful day. It was the Supreme Demons and the Dragon Emperors who fought with them and perished along with them but never knew of any by the name of Zheng.

Also, he knew that when one reached the realism of the Sage, he could create his own space that did not belong to this world. Storage space, energy space, room space, stable space. There were several types of space that one could create in the realism of Sage. "Boy, I can see that you have talent and that you care about your friends ... Oh?! ha ha ha, but what do we have here, a magician with an affinity to the fire element who has just awakened his mana and mh? Well, it seems that this young lady has a talent for cultivation. It's very funny, I go out to the outside world after being locked up for 300 yea

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