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That night, Qiang Shen was monitoring the progress of his parents. As with Jiang Chen, papa Qiang could already make the connection between the mana heart and the mana brain faster. Mama Qiang had much more talent for magic and was almost at the same level as Jiang Chen in mana ability and manipulation.

If his family continued to advance in the same way, papa Qiang could make his first invocation in 4 months, mama Qiang could create the low quality alchemy cauldron in 3 weeks and little Xun could start cultivation in a month. That night Qiang Shen tried to form another nucleus of natural energy but he did not succeed, so he began to practice the series of water movements that he learned when condensing his nucleus of natural water energy.

When he was practicing, he realized that each of the movements was an action: attack, defense and rest and if he combined those movements with the first breath cycle of his cultivation technique, he could become one with the essence of water. If were attack movements, their hands and feet became more penetrating. If were defense movements, your body would become like the surface of the water, eliminate the attack power by 90%. If were resting movements, he could clear the mind of any unnecessary thought, he would become as calm as water and facilitate the understanding of water damage by a minimum margin.

While continuing to practice, each of the movements became more fluid and could absorb a minimal amount of spiritual energy of water in the environment.


The next morning, before leaving home, Qiang Shen told his parents that he would arrive with someone else that night.

At the entrance of the school, Qiang Shen met Jiang Chen and Lu QingShan. Yin Xue was trying to get away from her fans to join them. As that day began the examination period and lasted three days, Qiang Shen told them that they would not meet at lunchtime, that they would meet at the end of classes.


That afternoon Qiang Shen, Jiang Chen and Lu QingShan left school together to the home of Qiang Shen, Lu QingShan was nervous, he hoped that with the help of his qianbei, he would be able to save his sister.

When the three of them arrived at Qiang Shen's house, there were only mama Qiang and little Xun, papa Qiang had gone out of town again for work. Qiang Xun already knew about magic, because he saw his parents practicing at night and he had asked his brother.

When they entered, Lu QingShan introduced himself with Mama Qiang and saw the dining table next to the wall and four glass figurines in the shape of a Turtle, a Dragon, a Bird and a Tiger on the floor. Qiang Shen took a notebook from his backpack and began to write on the sheet, he tore it out and put it in the middle of the 4 statuettes. When Lu QingShan approached, he saw words that he did not understand.


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