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After the assembly in the morning, Qiang Shen met with his friends on the roof of the third school building. "Here they are, if you have questions, don't hesitate to tell me so I can help you," he told his friends. "Fire magic?" "Lightning tiger cultivation technique?" said Jiang Chen and Yin Xue respectively. "How strange, there's nothing written!" said Jiang Chen. "Magic books have their trick," Qiang Shen replied, "try inserting some mana into the book," he told him.

Since Jiang Chen had been practicing all night plus the experience with the zombies the previous day, he already knew how to manipulate his mana to a certain degree, so he did the same thing that his friend told him to do and when he saw the book again and note that several letters were appearing.

[Introduction to elemental fire magic.

The user of this magic can release the fire of his body and the environment and manipulate them. The user can also change the properties, such as the heat, color and size of their flames to get different effects that corresponds to a different flame color.

Elemental fire magic is divided into 9 levels divided into 8 classes.

1- Class of action. Level 1. Refers to magic capable of replicating a simple action.

2- Combat class. Level 2. Refers to magic capable of altering the course of a battle vs 7 simultaneous enemies.

3- Operation class Level 3. It refers to the magic able to decide the result of 2 or 3 battles at the same time.

4- Tactical class. Levels 4 and 5. It refers to the magic capable of destroying a city with a single spell.

5- Strategic class. Level 6. Refers to magic capable of deciding the outcome of a war with a single spell.

6- National class. Level 7. It refers to the magic capable of destroying a country with a single spell.

7. Continental Class. Level 8. Refers to magic capable of destroying a continent with a single spell.

8. World class. Level 9. It refers to magic capable of controlling the laws and destiny of all that exist in this world.]

After reading this out loud, Jiang Chen was completely silent. "I didn't know the magic could be so powerful," Yin Xue said. "And yet, there are monsters just as powerful, you saw him yesterday, that invoking magician of dark attribute used a level 1 spell being level 2, so he could use that spell several times, plus he also had a magic amplifier with him." replied Qiang Shen.

While Jiang Chen was concentrating on reading his spellbook, Jiang Shen began to instruct Yin Xue on his cultivation technique. "Here comes a breathing method you must start to follow, try to follow as written" he said.

Yin Xue began to breathe at different intervals and with different strength in each one "no, do it again, in this part you should make it gentler" he said.

After 30 min. Yin Xue managed to finish the first cycle of the breathing method. Then they practiced the movement postures to distribute the energy to their body. "Remember, when you do

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