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The next morning, Qiang Shen woke up at the same time, took a bath, dressed in the uniform of the 4th South middle school and left his room. When he saw his parents sitting at the table but both had their faces pale and did not know what to say. Qiang Shen sat down, started eating breakfast and said "Dad, mom, we will continue the talk at night, do not say anything to little Xun, everything will be fine, I promise." When he finished he left his house heading to the 4th South Middle school.

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That day was a beautiful morning, Yin Xue got up like all the other days, breakfast with his parents, dressed in his uniform of the 4th South middle school, she fixed and left like all the other days. Her life was almost all perfect, her mother was a happy housewife, her father have a good job, she was good in her studies, good in sports and in the last ranking of school beauties, she was in 2nd place, she only did not have a boyfriend, and It's not that she did not lack suitors, it's just that she had been in love since she was in the second grade of elementary school.

On that day, her school had gone on a field trip to the Beijing wildlife park, but she had not been able to go because of illness and the next day, all the children were talking about her trip and she ran away because she did not want to listen to them. When she went to the bathroom, she could not take it anymore and started crying. "What do you have?" She hear someone calling her. When she raised her head, she saw a child with a sketchbook in his hand. "Nothing," she replied, "it's just that everyone went yesterday to the field trip but I did not go and everyone talks about what they saw." In that she hear the sound of a leaf being torn from the notebook. I did yesterday on the field trip and I will give you but on the condition that you do not cry anymore," said the boy. "What a beautiful drawing, it looks almost as if it was there," she said as she began to smile, it was the drawing of a small lake with pandas playing on the shore and with trees and bamboos in the background. "Father was right, the smile on a girl's face is prettier than seeing a thousand flowers blooming in the field, so she smiles more so that people see how beautiful What are you."

From that day, Yin Xue always had a smile on his face, that child changed his world. She had always been told she was pretty but that only focused on her family and friends, but he was the first to tell her that his smile was beautiful. His only regret was that he never knew his name and all she remembered about him were his brown eyes, as deep as if they were hiding buried gems.

While Yin Xue was on his way to school, he passed through an empty street, but being early, he did not think it would be dangerous.

"But see what we have here!" said a voice

"It looks like we have a lost sheep" "Hey beautiful, would not you come with us for a while?" They said ot

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