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After two days of missing school, Qiang Shen was nervous. He felt that he had forgotten part of his youth after having survived so many years of pain and suffering. When he entered the classroom, he did not make the mistake of sitting in the wrong place. When he had sat at his desk, he opened his backpack and found his sketchbook, previously previously he did not pay attentionn to what was inside but when he opened it, he saw all his drawings he had made.

"Yo, are you still in health?!" When he was reviewing his sketchbook someone had interrupted him from his memories and turned his head to see who had bothered him. When he saw who he was, he almost started crying. "Jiang Chen, how is it you??" "Well who do you want it to be?" Jiang Chen replied, he was his best friend, they met in the third grade of elementary school and by the similarity in the pronunciation of their names, they got along and have been together since then, they were called the Shen/Chen twins even though they did not look anything. Once, Jiang Chen and Qiang Shen had managed to enter the first high school attached to Beijing University, however Jiang Chen did not get to suffer the fateful day, that's because when they were in their first year of high school Jiang Chen disappeared, he came out of the school but never came to his house. After nine months of searching, the case closed without having found his body. Her mother fell into a deep depression, after the case was closed, she decided to move and nobody saw her again.

"Sorry bro, it's just that I was distracted" replied Qiang Shen "now tell me, what interesting facts have happened the past 2 days?" "Well, really nothing interesting, just that Shen Bao came yesterday asking about you, he looked worried, he thinks it was because of him that you got sick," said Jiang Chen "because he would believe that?" I ask puzzled Qiang Shen "is because of the blow you received three days ago, as the ball that hit you in the gym was a bad pass of yours, you think you got sick because of the loss of blood," said Jiang Chen.

Qiang Shen almost laughed out loud, it was impossible for someone to get sick because of that small amount of blood loss, but I still rejoice for that small sample of humanity. "It's true, I have to see the potential of Jiang Chen, see if he can cultivate or practice magic," thought Qiang Shen.


The hours passed and the time for the end of School, Qiang Shen told Jiang Chen to accompany him. "Bro, I need you to come with me" JJiang Chen felt strange about the way his friend told him, as they had long known each other, Jiang Chen had never seen him so serious, followed Qiang Shen to a food store, they asked for a table for two people and they asked for a bowl of lāmiàn1 each. "Bro, there's something I need to tell you," he said to Jiang Shen while they waited for his meal. "Why so serious, are not you going to tell me you have a girlf

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