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After releasing his brother from his arms, Qiang Shen went back to bed in pretending he was sick. With his brother at home he could not let him know about cultivation ... or at least not now.

While Qiang Shen was lying down wasting time, his brother was going to his parents' room to take out one of his video games but when he entered he felt a heat wave as if the heating was on but when he saw it off he thought that the room was just It had warmed by the sun, so he opened the windows to let the heat out, took out his video games and started to play, without seeing that on the small ledge on the side of the bed, you could see a small jade stone shining slightly until completely extinguished after 2 hours.

That afternoon, with his mother back, Qiang Shen left his room for dinner as a family, however his father was not going to return that day for work reasons so they only went to dinner with mama Qiang, little Xun and him.

"Eh, Little Shen, did something happen to your face?" Ask impacted mama Qiang. "No, why are you asking?!!" "For some reason I see your face more mature and cleaner, then I think that medicine will cleanse your face in addition to heal you," said Qiang.

His family had not noticed the change in Qiang Shen's body because the pajamas he wore covered his entire body except the head and feet.

When he returned to his room, Qiang Shen began to think about how to do more to cultivate the third realism, the warrior realism. He is currently in earthly realism, so he has to unify the body with the planet. In order to reach the third realism, it has to go through the ten levels of unification and expansion of its meridians:

Level 1: Wind energy

Level 2: Meridians of the heart

Level 3: Energy of water

Level 4: Meridians of the organs of the torso

Level 5: Earth energy

Level 6: Meridians of the extremities

Level 7: Fire energy

Level 8: Opening of the senses

Level 9: Yang Energy

Level 10: Yin Energy

When you pass this level, you arrive at the breakthrough of realism and arrive at the third realism: Warrior.

The unification of the energy with the elements was to be able to know the earth as a living being while the opening of the meridians was to be able to absorb it and merge it with your body. The principle to achieve this needed to reach the understanding of "One is All, All is One."

This principle says:

"The world is the All, and each person is the One. The very existence and ability to move forward depends on this law." With death comes life, and with life comes death.

The world is big, but small things like people and animals are what keeps it going. If someone dies, the world goes on, it will decompose, and they become nutrients for the plants and the herbivores eat those plants, and the carnivores eat the herbivores, then they die, and life begins again.

The world is always moving forward, a constant cycle. Life needs death and death necessities of life.

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