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"It can not be that the goddess Yin Xue is in love with that painter" thought the boy. "Thanks for the information," Yin Xue told him and left. After she left, all the students who were in the classroom began to mutter "How did Qiang Shen help her?!" some said, "why was not me who helped her!" anothers said, "how dare that bastard of Qiang Shen to touch my goddess!!" others said more aggressive.


After checking Jiang Chen's affinity, Qiang Shen taught him how to manipulate mana, "do you remember that feeling you had when the heart and brain were connected?" "It was only a brief moment, I can not remember it" answered Jiang Chen "so let's focus first on the heart, you need to learn to feel the energy of the earth" Qiang Shen replied "remember the feeling you had yesterday when you saw that fog coming out from the jade stone, imagine that same fog is here and try to feel it."

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and tried to remember again the same feeling he had the previous day, he began to concentrate and began to lose the notion of time.

It had been 30 minutes since Jiang Chen started trying to feel the natural energy while Qiang Shen ate his lunch. At that time he began to feel warmth in his body and realized that he was surrounded by a dense fog, he could not see it but he knew that it was there "time is over!! We have to go back to class" said Qiang Shen, "already so soon? I thought that only 5 minutes had passed, I think I felt something," answered Jiang Chen "try to practice at home but not for long or you can not wake up tomorrow to come to school," Qiang Chen said.

After accompanying Jiang Chen to his classroom, Qiang Shen returned to his classroom but he realized that everyone was watching him but decided to ignore them. When he went to his desk, he was stopped by one of the boys "hey, since when you know Yin Xue, why was she looking for you?!" The young man said "Yin Xue?" Qiang Shen thought, then he remembered the girl who had saved the previous day "ah, she!!" When he said that, everyone in the classroom was muttering again but the only one who spoke was the young man "bastard, what did you do to our goddess?!" the young man told him while trying to push him but Qiang Shen evaded him effortlessly making he almost fell to the floor.

As the young man reacted, he saw that Qiang Shen was watching him "why you care what I have talked with Yin Xue?! Does it affect you? is she your girlfriend? Are you going to be homeless if she talks to me? Can you die if I talk to her?! If your answer is no then stop bothering me," Qiang Shen said in a cold voice as he turned to go back to his desk. "How dare you!!" said the angry young man rising from the ground ready to hit Qiang Shen, however Qiang Shen turns and releases his bloodthirst while telling the young "the next time you try to hit me, I will see that you can not get up for several days.

Qiang Shen had learned to control his bloodthirst in his previous life. From completely erasing his presence to releasing his killer instinct that can be felt a few kilometers away but since he was reborn, the fact of seeing his family again made him very emotional and made his conscience go down and not control bloodthirst.

When the young man feels the bloodthirst, he falls on his knees full of fear causing him to almost pee on his pants, while the others felt like they lacked air. It was not until one of the girls began to cry, that Qiang Shen reacted and hid his bloodthirst again, turned around and went to sit at hir desk.

"It seems that Qiang Shen is upset, I had never seen him put a face like the one he had," said one of the girls. "Did you feel that?" I felt as if I was pierced by several knives all over my body, "said another girl.


As the day progressed, Qiang Shen started making plans on her own. "I'm about to breakthrough the th

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