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icscib > City of Guns > 20 Chapter Twenty: End... for now.
The room was silent, no one exactly sure where to begin. Finally, Derik descided on a starting point, and broke the silence.

"Jade did research on Incubi, learned how to bind and banish them, then we made plans. We got everything ready here, and waited. Everyone had fallen asleep when Jade left." Derik began.

"The Incubi and Succubi link. Their prey will have the desire to find the Incubi or Succubi when they are close. It's how they find their prey that esape." Mr. Parke explained.

Derik nodded in understanding, and Jones bobbed his head in excited wonder.

"I woke up and noticed she was gone. We rushed to the alley where we had made the pentagram previously in the day." Derik continued.

Mark looked at Derik suspiciously, knowing he had woken up because of the sexually created bond between them both.

"We found her there, the Incubus attacking her. We rushed to help, Mark and I distracting the Incubus, and Jones attending to Jade." Derik nodded towards Jones, for him to take over.

"She was barely conscious when I found her, but she soon woke up. She took in everything quickly and got to work. She was still dazed, so I got her the supplies and set up the stones. She sure scared me when she cut herself though." Jones said, glancing over at her.

"Cut herself? Where?" Mr. Parke asked.

"Her wrist. She said her blood was needed for the banishing thing." Jones replied.

Mr. Parke went silent, but nodded for him to continue.

"Anyway, she started the thing, said a sentence in english, then in another, weird language." Jones tried to explain.

"Latin. She was speaking in Latin. It's the language of power, and many witches and Hunter's use it in spells and rituals. Although I noticed something different when she spoke the spell." Mark mentioned.

"What do you mean?" Mr. Parke asked.

"She not only spoke the spell of banishing, but she invoked a strong, ancient power." Mark said.

"Power?" Mr. Parke asked.

"Yes. An ancient power. It was impossible to ignore, and more than a little terrifying. A human should not have equal power to a True or Hellspawn, and yet that is what I felt." Mark continued.

Mr. Parke went silent in thought. He didn't like the sound of this. His mind jumped to the week his father, Jade's grandfather, had taken her. Jade had discovered he did awful things, and Mr. Parke had a feeling he did something to his sweet little Jaderyn.

A groan sounded from the bed, and in an instant, Derik was at Jade's side.

"Hey, everything is okay now. Easy." Derik said, taking Jade's hand.

Jade struggled to sit up, but Derik held her down.

"Relax." Derik said.

Mr. Parke was right beside Derik.

"I'm here sweetheart." He said, smiling down at his daughter.

"The Incubus?" She asked, finding it hard to remember what had happened after she started the banishing ritual.

"Gone. You banished it." Derik said.

"Yeah, sent it straight back to hell." Jones chimed in.

"You're safe now, try to

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