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icscib > City of Guns > 5 Chapter Five: The Alley
Jade looked at her schedule, trying to commit it to memory before the first bell rang. Impossible, of course, but she didn't want to be 'that' girl. The one staring at a piece of paper, looking lost. Giving up for the time being, she looked at her locker number, and followed the numbers down, until she found hers. With a start, she recognized the area. It was real close to where that damned Demon and his lakeys had stopped her.

'Just my luck. Damn it.'

With a sigh, she opened the locker, grateful the door was well oiled, and tossed her bag in, not really caring about organization at this point. She took a notebook and pencil out of the bag, and took another glance at the bell schedule paper. With a final nod, she headed to her first class.

Walking into room 15, she was surprized to see it already full. The teacher glanced up at her as the bell rang.

"You must be Jaderyn, correct?" The female teacher aksed.

"Yes ma'am." Jade replied.

"Take a seat, first one on the fifth row." The teacher instructed.

Jade was about to head to the desk and get away from the eyes of the class, when the teacher stopped her.

"Would you wait for a moment?" The teacher asked.

Jade didn't say a thing, holding her breath as she hoped she wasn't about to be introduced.


Of course, Jade had aweful luck.

"Please welcome our new student, Jaderyn Parke."

Some murmurs rose up in the class, the students giving her sideways glances.

"The Jaderyn Parke. As in, daughter of the famous Demon Hunter Parke?" A girl said.

Jade tried to identify her, but failed. Sighing internally, she pasted a smile to her face.

"Ex-Demon Hunter, but yes, that's me." She gritted her teeth as she went to her desk, determined to ignore everyone around her.

Someone by the door cleared their throat, obviously calling attention to themselves. Jade's determination broke. She looked over to see none other than the painfully handsome Derik. She cast him a glare and looked away, angry at herself, that just looking at him caused her heart to speed up.

"If I had known you were that Parke, I would've punished that idiot immediatly." Derik said, walking over and taking the seat next to her.

Jade could hear the girls swooning, and the shuffling of the uncomfortable boys. It seemed Derik was a big thing. She looked over to him, studying his face for any sign of anger or teasing. Finding none, she felt her face heating up again, his features drawing her thoughts to places far away from anyone but the two of them, and much less clothes.

Jade didn't want to call bad attention to herself, but he was beginning to annoy her. No one should have such an effect on her.

"My apologies for wanting to be more than rumors and envy." She said, her voice laced with sarcasm.

Audible gasps filled the room, but Derik just smiled. Like he was enjoying this.

'The bastard's toying with me.'

Before anything more could be said, the teacher hit a wooden ru

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