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Lovely Writing System

Author: yansusustories

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Updated: 2021-10-02 01:38:54

Latest chapter: 366 Announcement: Lovely Writing System Extras

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《Lovely Writing System》Latest chapter
366 Announcement: Lovely Writing System Extras
365 Epilogue: Ten Yuan
364 Leave It at Tha
363 He’d Rather Be Taken into Custody
362 The Internet Police
361 Not That Easy
360 Living as an Author
359 A Cute, Little Turtle
358 Very Early in the Morning
357 You’re Bad at This
356 This Feels Like …
355 A Bit More Couldn’t Hur
《Lovely Writing System》' main text
366 Announcement: Lovely Writing System Extras
365 Epilogue: Ten Yuan
364 Leave It at Tha
363 He’d Rather Be Taken into Custody
362 The Internet Police
361 Not That Easy
360 Living as an Author
359 A Cute, Little Turtle
358 Very Early in the Morning
357 You’re Bad at This
356 This Feels Like …
355 A Bit More Couldn’t Hur
354 Saving His Nose
353 Should I Help You?
352 A Big Bird, a Small Nes
351 That’s a Natural Instinc
350 You’ll Turn into a Butterfly
349 You Can Look Now
348 That’s Embarrassing
347 I’m Smaller Than You
346 How about We Do It Now?
345 It’s All Thanks to You!
344 Exchanging Experience Points
343 You Did Very Well!
342 I Know What Happened
341 He Regretted I
340 Master of Love
339 Too Lucky!
338 A Real Chea
337 Be Embarrassed by Another Couple
336 That’s Not a Star, Darling
335 He Took His Bird ou
334 Let’s Make Love
333 Why Should He Wait?
332 Knowing His Faul
331 The Damsel-in-Distress and the Hero
330 He Bullied Me!
329 His Usual Troublesome Self
328 My Martial Uncle Told Me to Do I
327 Where Did All Those Artifacts Come from?
326 If You Want to Put Your Tanghulu Somewhere …
325 Cultivators Were Strange These Days
324 An Elaborate Scam
323 Would You Be Willing to Exchange?
322 The Male Lead Has to Buy Tanghulu
321 I’m the Protagonist of This Story
320 Go on a Date Like Cultivators Would
319 How to Cheer Him up
318 I Feel I Should Say a Few Words
317 I Didn’t Plan That!
316 I Forgo
315 Secretly in Love
314 You’re My Lover
313 Help the Sect Master Find Happiness
312 Too Late to Regre
311 Tell Us More about that Mission
310 Where to Keep the System?
309 Leaving for the Jin He City
308 The Snail, the Qin, and the Cow
307 A New Type of Spiritual Energy
306 You Would Be Heartbroken
305 The Dao of Chaos
304 You’re Just Pretending
303 Nothing Is Happening
302 That Counts as a Milestone?
301 It’s Friday Now
300 A Special Brand of Love Confession
299 Special System, Type K81-3FA5-69
298 Wouldn’t He Look Pathetic?
297 Darling, Let’s Cultivate Together!
296 Wasn’t It Normal to Try Different Positions?
295 Infected by Ziju An’s Intelligence?
294 He Should Compensate Him
293 He Didn’t Dare to Pour a Cup of Tea
292 I Could Try to Straighten I
291 Being Generous
290 I Love Every Part of You!
289 Too Indecisive!
288 Two Types of Kisses
287 Another Task
286 Getting to Rank 5?
285 Too Biased
284 How to Get Back?
283 I Told You So
282 Everything Is Prepared
281 Who Is This Person?
280 Let’s Go out and Play!
279 Look at Yourself First!
278 Using the Special Reward
277 The Milestones of a Relationship
276 Experience Stats
275 Expert of Seduction
274 A Hen-Pecked Husband
273 A Big Three
272 Irresistible
271 Taking a Shortcu
270 The Most Famous Tropes
269 Living up to His Name
268 What Reward Did I Get?
267 The Biggest Treasure
266 Let’s Go Eat Firs
265 Tell Me Another One!
264 You’re Thinking with Your Hear
263 She Deserves to Be on That Lis
262 The Eunuch And His Bird
261 Happily-Married Grandmaster
260 I’ll Take a Look Myself
259 Whose Expectations?
258 Are We Closer Yet?
257 Making a Mistake
256 A Sudden End
255 Nothing Unusual
254 Luring Victims over
253 A Mutation?
252 Maybe We’re Having Hallucinations?
251 You Can Skip Tha
250 The Best Time of Your Life
249 Expect the Unexpected
248 A Strange Situation
247 Did He Have a Crush on Him?
246 That Was Dangerous
245 To Explain Or Not To Explain?
244 My Great Boyfriend
243 A Secret Admirer?
242 Who Is the Male Lead?
241 An ABO-Verse?!
240 Isn’t This a Date?
239 Don’t You Think It’s Too Much?
238 Don’t Talk about That in Public
237 It Should Be Big
236 The Perfect Couple
235 What If They’re Not Compatible?
234 The Best Decision I Made
233 Suppose They Need a Timer …
232 Don’t Pretend to Be Manly!
231 Why Not a House?
230 Do You Think We’re a Good Couple?
229 Who’s Working for Whom?
228 Doing Something They Shouldn’
227 My Little Kitten
226 Did We Lose Our Way?
225 Not Too Bad
224 Let’s Get Married. Without That Rubbish.
223 How Would They Get Together?
222 There It Was Again
221 A Predictable Novel
220 You Don’t Like My Apartmen
219 Wear Nothing
218 Is There Something on My Face?
217 A Fight under the Blanke
216 Not a Bad Deal
215 A Thing Called Spiritual Energy
214 Nightmares for a Month
213 Testing the Physical Strength
212 The Not-So-Difficult Admission Tes
211 You’re Always the Bes
210 Such a Smart Person
209 Let’s Swap!
208 Not a Woodpecker
207 Don’t Lie to Me!
206 Slipping in and Lying There
205 Preparation Was the Most Importan
204 Had He Done It Wrong?
203 The Bird Found a Nes
202 Sweet and Spicy
201 You’re So …
200 A Corrupted System
199 Explain the Matter with the Birds to Me!
198 The Dubious Bathhouse Arc
197 Getting the Readers on Board
196 The Only Strange Thing
195 The Novel with the Gay Birds
194 One Step after the Other
193 Hurry up And Get Your Things!
192 Showing His Gratitude
191 Best Boyfriend of the World
190 I Only Love Him
189 It’s Alright If You’re Gay
188 Do It the Right Way this Time
187 Mahjong!
186 Out of Practice?
185 Nowhere to Vent His Anger
184 Striking Home
183 A Deadly Weapon
182 Start Simple
181 Acting All Pretentious
180 Why Did He Write in the First Place?
179 They Were Right After All
178 The Final Version
177 He Absolutely Had to Obtain Him
176 Fishing for Experience Points
175 Comprehensive Style Check
174 An Even Better Story!
173 As Terrifying as His Mother
172 I Really Am the Bes
171 Slightly Off-Topic
170 A Pretty Sister with Valuable Stones
169 You’re an Idio
168 Committing a Crime
167 Lean Back and Enjoy the Show
166 Too Much to Handle?
165 Can’t Marry Anyone Else
164 Who Would Dare to Have Impure Thoughts?
163 Publishing Another Story
162 Perfectly Representing the Story
161 A Lot of Dual Cultivation
160 How Did They Find Out?!
159 You Can Disinherit Me!
158 Sweet Little … Daddy?!
157 Pretty Sister
156 Get Back to Work!
155 A Tenacious Spiri
154 The Male Lead Makes His Appearance
153 The System’s Suggestions
152 Why Did the System Become So Useless?
151 Practice Makes Perfec
150 Are You a Troupe of Performers?
149 Sounds Logical
148 Interaction is Key
147 It’s All Natural Talen
146 A Powerful Background
145 Not Planned Well Enough
144 Plotting Something?
143 Just Lie Down And Let Him Do I
142 Wrong Number? Wrong Person!
141 You’re the One Kissing Me
140 Not Having Enough Self-Control
139 What an Adorable Scaredy Cat!
138 Making a Poin
137 Special Items Are Ordinary for a True Master
136 Why Would They Fall in Love?
135 Give Them Something to Talk Abou
134 A Ridiculously Handsome Man
133 There’s No More Love
132 Such a Good Author!
131 Really Too Strange!
130 Experience is Crucial
129 Setting a Rule
128 Not My Fault!
127 I Must Be a Masochis
126 A Good-Looking Big Brother
125 What Do You Like About Me?
124 Clearing Up a Misunderstanding
123 Beautiful Misunderstandings
122 A Reason to Break Up
121 Gaining New Insigh
120 A Shock in the Morning
119 Building a House
118 Searching for Rewards
117 Way Too Troublesome
116 I Thought it Was Exciting
115 No Reason to Wai
114 It Only Got Weirder
113 New Feature: Publication Stats
112 Beware! A horde of Fus!
111 Publishing the First Par
110 Finishing the Set Up
109 The Child Still Needs a Name
108 Solving Another Problem
107 Registering An Accoun
106 A Fitting Name
105 What to Do with All This Happiness?
104 A Tiger Won’t Change its Stripes
103 It’s the Little Gestures That Coun
102 Let’s Be Nice
101 The Crows on Your Roof
100 What Did You Say?
99 That Kind of Situation
98 Operation Cubicle
97 Like a Rich CEO?
96 Bad Boyfriend! Punish Him!
95 You Took My Breath Away
94 Everyone Will Know You’re a Couple
93 Sending an SOS Signal
92 I’ll Surprise You As Much As You Surprised Me
91 The Most Romantic Gesture
90 What Had Disturbed Their Boss This Much?
89 Implementing the First Suggestion
88 A Brilliant Idea
87 Dumbest Couple of 2018?
86 Indulging A Cute Little Fox
85 Something Was Wrong With Their Heads
84 You Can’t Win Against a Beauty
83 Two Weeks It Is
82 You Can’t Throw Me Out!
81 You Hid I
80 Coming Ou
79 Lazing Around in Bed
78 The Beginning of a New Life
77 A Diamond in the Rough
76 Happy End … with Cuts
75 Surprisingly Fun
74 Their Relationship Changed
73 Making a Decision
72 I Was Wrong
71 A Late Realization
70 Maybe It Was Time for Him To Leave
69 You’re a Source of Inspiration
68 Tell Me How You Fell in Love
67 So It’s Real?
66 I’ll Show It To You
65 Let’s Do It Right Now
64 Apprentice Of Dating
63 Crafting The Perfect Male Lead
62 Special Dimension
61 A Test Is In Order
60 Did You Seduce Me?
59 Take Me Home
58 I Love You
57 As Rotten As You Wan
56 Something Must Have Happened
55 A Million Times Fiercer
54 Tricking Her Child
53 You Still Call Those Coincidences?
52 Who Dared To Torture Her Child?
51 It Should Be This Way
50 Independent But Lonely?
49 A Sweet Confession
48 You’re A Ten
47 Some Sweet Hours
46 This Is All A Ploy
45 You’ll Be In a Relationship Soon
44 You Better Remember Tha
43 A Cat On A Bicycle
42 How Do You Know About That?
41 Sadly, There’s No Rain
40 Boiling The Frog In Warm Water?
39 He Delivered Himself
38 Vying For Attention
37 Picking Up The Wife
36 Canceling At The Last Minute?
35 Big Boss And The Beauty
34 Too Hot For The Hot Guy?
33 His Person
32 Asking The Sage
31 How Can That Person Not Realize?
30 Coming Clean With The Caregiver
29 Not That Altruistic
28 The Hero Saving The Beauty
27 Definitely Not A Hero
26 A Place To Meet A Hero
25 The First Questline
24 The System’s Evaluation
23 Writing A Romantic Encounter
22 Understanding The System
21 My System Is Gay?!
20 Potential Partner?
19 Accidental Slip-Up
18 First Customer, 0% Affinity
17 Sharing a Meal
16 There’s No Medicine For Regre
15 Resigning With Obstacles
14 Accepting the Offer
13 How Long Do You Want Me To Wait?
12 I’m His Boyfriend!
11 Being Misunderstood
10 Unintentionally Starting the Rumor Mill
9 A Real System?
8 A Perfect Couple
7 Telling the Truth
6 Strange Thoughts
5 Issuing the First Task
4 What a Lovely Novice!
3 An Enticing Offer
2 A Dirty Joke
1 Applying for a System