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The first match is Deathbane and Baggus. They all made a circle in the backyard with a barrier made by Baggus, and Frank made a floating light at the center.

"Whoa, you can do that?", Stephen felt astonished in his new encounter with Frank's skills.

"Course yes, it's the least I can do", Frank said to him.

"Well it's time to let loose", Baggus said as he stretched his arm.

"It's time for me to let them know how much my experience is", Deathbane said a bit confident.

They walked at the center and they both smiled and readied themselves.

Baggus summoned fire in his hands called [Fireball] and [Mage armor] while Deathbane summoned his [Death scythe] and his [Necromancer robes]

[Mage armor] - used by mages to negate attacks like physical and magical damages in a certain degree

[Fireball] - used as basic attacks of fire affinity mages.

[Necromancer robes] - used by necromancers to increase Mana regen. and amplify the effects of necromancer skills.

[Death scythe] - the sole weapon of necromancers used to reap the lives of enemies as well as to defend yourself.

Frank will judge the fight, this time he is in between Baggus and Deathbane.

"Ok now I will tell the rules, it is prohibited to injure your opponent and make permanent injury. It is also not allowed to cast huge spells inside the barrier."

"Now fight!", Frank said as he puts down his hands in between them as a sign of go signal.

"Ha!", Baggus shouted as he throws five small fireballs to Deathbane and then he sprinted towards him.

Deathbane summoned [Bone wall] to defend himself from Baggus' attacks

[Bone wall] - is a summoned wall made of bones used primarily to defend.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bone walls are assaulted by fireballs that sound echoed throughout the vicinity.

Deathbane is covered by smoke coming from the walls and he escaped from the smoke, still holding his weapon of death.

He managed to repel Baggus' attacks but as he leaves the smokes, he is attacked again by incoming fireballs. He defended using his weapon by swinging them to the incoming spells and his weapon clashed with the Baggus' attacks.

Clang! Clang! Ping!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The former sounded from him defending and parrying using his weapon and the latter sounded from him evading his strikes.

Baggus sprinted to him and attacks using his [Burning hands]

[Burning hands] - used for close-quarter combat of mages using their hands enveloped by fire and attacks drastically to their foes with agility.

Deathbane was surprised by Baggus' sudden change of tactics. Baggus suddenly appeared to Deathbane and strikes like a hurricane.

Baggus attacks like a dancer, performing with fierceness and tempo while hitting Deathbane with his fiery hands.

Deathbane in contrast attacked with his weapon gracefully, like a war saint who swings and turns his scythe around his body.

Whether he is a summoner or not, he is displaying great maneuver and mastery in both attacking and defending with his weapon.

The same through for Baggus, he is agile enough to evade and attack close-quarterly even though he is a mage.

And it is unlikely for a mage to switch to close quarter combat when he is a ranged caster.

This has resulted from their experiences in the past, and they are excited to let loose for a while because they have younger bodies this time.

"Heh! don't tell me that your body like a child is affecting your battle instincts Deathbane. You still can't defeat me even though I'm giving you this handicap.", Baggus teased Deathbane in the fight

"Well who's the one giving a handicap?, Deathbane said as he reminded him too that he is a summoner, not a fighter.

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He summoned an [Skeleton] after he summoned [Grappling hands] to hold Baggus in where he stands.


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