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The Team members of the Heroes

Frank - Legendary Holy Knight Priest

Baggus - Arch Wizard

Saber - Legendary Lycan

Splinter - Master Assassin

Branmoor - Druid Priest

Maldor - Ranger Captain

Deathbane - Necromancer Lord

Snap - Master fighter

Arthras - Royal Saint Paladin

Mistiban - Chaos Dread Knight

Shinpatsu - Grand Master Ronin

Introduction of their Job Classes

[Legendary Holy knight Priest]

A class that has mastered both Holy knight and Priestly skills. He has a subcategory "protector knight" that has mastered shield techniques that excels in

defensive stances and negating attacks.

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Priestly skills are focused on healing and buff while Knight skills are for the offensive style then protector knight skills are for defense.

They are separate classes but Frank mastered it all and combined it to one class thus resulting in a new crossbreed class.

In order to become a Holy knight Priest, you have to be a squire first and then move to a knight then choose what skills to learn first, out of the three classes.

[Arch wizard]

A wizard that has mastered the fire, water, earth, wind, electric, and as well as telepathic, telekinetic and spatial magics.

There are many classifications of wizards based on their fighting style, the battlemage that is the weapon wielder class, the caster's class that are attacking solely of magic using a staffs and wands, the sorceress class basically girls that are not using staffs and they use their hands to cast as the medium, and the mixed class that has different Job class but does have wizard skills.

The requirements to be an Archwizard is to master all the requirements to the peak level and to be elected as one of the Grand Magus of the wizard hall. The first step is to be an apprentice wizard then a novice, next is adept, after that is intermediate and then advanced. Then elite after that is master then grandmaster and the last is Grand Magus, after being a grand magus you have to be elected as a member of the wizard hall thus

making you an Archwizard.

After being an Archwizard, it is hard to ascend to Mythic wizard because you have to devote another fifty years to cultivate your mana well.

Baggus, on the contrary, became a grand wizard in his mid-thirties and then he became an Archwizard in his fifties.

He is has a great role in sealing the Tirad pass in the past and is the main offense or damage dealer of the team.

At the present, Baggus was at the peak of being an Archwizard but his plans failed to ascend to Mythic wizard after his rebirth, but as a result, he has now rapid growth after becoming a kid.

[Legendary Lycan]

A legendary class Lycan that surpassed the limits of the ordinary Lycan tribe warriors.

The Legendary class has a beast call with a limit of five hundred wolves and crows. His beast aura has attained the rank of red thus making his werewolf form able to regenerate instantly and steal the life force of its prey.

The lowest aura is white which is heightening the senses and his reaction time, then green which is able to increase his stamina, next is yellow which results in toughening of his body, then blue which is increasing his strength and speed, then the last is red which is responsible for regeneration and life steal, delaying of becoming old and resulting in longer life span and longevity.

He is a lone warrior of the tribe that has defeated many foes until he met Frank's teammate Branmoor who is a druid that became his rival later on.

[Master Assassin]

a class that mastered dagger and throwing weapons skills with a requirement of the Shadow affinity element.

A master Assassin is the one who is capable of making shadow clones with the same strength of the original but has half the vitality of the caster.

The most basi

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