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icscib > The Undead World with Swords and Magic > 2 First day of school
He just arrived at the school gate then suddenly .....


Someone punched at him and then he felt pain strike his shoulder

He heard him say "BOO!"

As Stephen turned around, someone said: "Hey men how are you?"

He was surprised that it was his best friend.

"Patrick! It's been a long time!", Stephen said to him

He always remembers that he always beat him at mock sword fights using practice sword. Well, Stephen is only not being harsh with his friend.

He is his childhood noble friend Patrick Wallace, Son of Robert Wallace owning a small land given by the king because his grandfather has contributed helping the king fending off the undead and the master of his uncle who is a paladin.

"We haven't met a few years! Is it 3 years or 4? I can't remember but how are you?

I've been training at your uncle and now I can beat you easier like in 3 moves!"

Patrick boastfully said as he crossed hands

"Well like I can defeat you anyway so let's go!", Stephen hurriedly grabbed him to the school grounds then they take a vacant seat beside it.

"I am still honing my sword skills so I can't beat you yet", Stephen said in a joyful voice to him


While they gathered at the school grounds for the announcement in the meantime.

The speaker said in a loud voice using sound magic to heighten his voice.

"Attention everyone! may I have your attention!"

"I am the principal of the school I am pleased to see that there are many enrollees this year and I hope many will graduate this time. I ensure that you will receive quality teachings from your teachers . We will designate you in your classrooms afterward. I will then announce the numbers of our students!"

"648 freshmen! 473 sophomores! and 389 juniors! and 314 seniors!

all hail glory academy!"

"All hail! All hail!", the students replied

"You must carve in your hearts our mission: To fight and conquer !"

"Now dismiss!", the principal ended his speech

"It was the signal! now it's time to find my classmates", Stephen said in his self

"Freshmen A-Stephen Burg", the teacher said with a loud voice at the stage

As they called his name, he knew it was his section.

As for their homeroom teacher he is Sir Maldous Ernstine, he has a good body build and an ex-captain of the army, a very strict one.

He is also their PE teacher!

At the start of the class, without further introductions, he made a great speech with a loud voice.

"Everybody will do as I say for this training will save your life! on our first lesson is it's called body enhancement."

"If you are good at killing twerps that are slow and sluggish then congrats! but if you have short stamina you still can't kill hundreds."

"As for me I can at least kill two folds, now change your clothes and go to the training field!"

Stephen observed everyone, while others are excited and some are already sweating.

He changed his uniform to a sweatshirt and jogging pants and hurriedly went outside.

They're gonna exercise and play games for the day.

10 km. jogging, 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and curl-ups.

Dodging the ball while having weights at arms and legs when playing Dodge ball and some military exercises.

"This is sure as Hell! like I'm gonna do this forever for 4 years?", Stephen felt worried

Many students collapse halfway and many nobles are complaining.

"Quit the academy if you want! For the strong can only survive the battlefield!", Sir Maldous shouted to the students.

"I'm on the verge of giving up but I'm barely hanging on", Stephen exclaimed to himself

It was afternoon when his teacher stopped them on their training for it is bad to overexert themselves.

This is what they called Spartan-like training like the stories they heard from their parents.

After their exhausting exercise, they changed their uniform drenched in sweat then said goodbye to their newly formed friends and got

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