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icscib > I Won’t Give Up On You > 2 A New World
Darkness surrounded us as Hunter pulled me with him into the black hole. I questioned our decision of just jumping in with no knowledge of what we were going into. I didn't know where we were going, how long we'd be there, or even if we would live through it. Fear overwhelmed me and then suddenly disappeared when I thought of my goal; finding Erik.

"Alex?" Hunter looked over to me.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I was asking you if you knew what's going on. I take it you don't from your expression. It'll be alright. Also, that light seems to be getting closer." He said, pointing down.

I looked down to see a bright light getting larger and larger until we were falling through it. Grass appeared below us as we landed roughly on the soft plain. Looking at our surroundings I realized we were in a clear area of a bright, sunny forest. It was so hot and sweat dropped from my eyebrow.

"Where are we?" Hunter and I asked at the same time.

It was all so strange; my obsession with finding Erik and figuring out my true feelings, this beautiful fairy tale like land, jumping through a hole without considering that I might would be leaving my home. Hunter seemed to be having the same thoughts. I had known the blonde since I was born, we were even born on the same day. We were pretty much siblings, lived on the same street and all, the only thing was that we had different parents. His eyes were blue- green and bright.

Staring at the trees, I noticed a beautiful, white elk that was running through the forest.

"We should probably go looking for people." Hunter said, not seeing the elk. I brushed it off and turned back to Hunter.

"What do you think Erik has done? Why would there be people after him?"

"How am I supposed to know?" he responded. "We'll just have to wait to ask him everything when we find him."

"I hope we find him soon, because I have a lot of questions." I said

We began to walk in one direction and soon changed our goal to finding water. The sweltering heat caused my clothes to soak and Hunter took off his shirt. We finally came to another clearing just before a mountain. We didn't know how long it had been, but we watched as the sun disappeared behind the mountain. Night animals started stirring as the moon just barely showed itself on the opposite side.

I was out of breath and my mouth was dry as we made our way to the top of the mountain. At the top we saw the most beautiful sunset I could ever imagine. Hunter's eyes were wide as they stared at the vast ocean that was washing the shore. The beach had shells here and there and a few crabs dug their way out of their little homes. What caught our attention the most was something that was jumping in out of the water.

Before I knew it, we were watching a mermaid and slowly walking down to the beach. She was beautiful; long green hair, bright green eyes, and sparkly blue skin and tail. The tips of her ears were pointed and gills were visible on the sides of her neck. It was a scene that was definitely not of our world. I constantly wondered what kind of strange new world we had entered and why I felt Erik was here.

The mermaid noticed us and quickly swam off.

"Where exactly are we?" I asked.

Hunter shrugged and took off a shoe to see what the water felt like.

"Feels so good." He sighed as he took off his other shoe and placed another bare foot into the water.

I did the same and we began walking along the shore, feeling the miniature waves crossover our feet. The ocean breeze blowed in our hair and I wished I had brought a hair tie. The smell of the salt water refreshened me.

After a bit of walking, we could see a tall and large building. Our stomachs rumbled as we kept walking. When we finally came upon it, we stared in awe.

It was a surreal castle with large walls and a large gate with a dirt road leading away through a meadow. A ditch that ran under a small bridge right before the gate could be seen holding peop

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