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icscib > I Won’t Give Up On You > 6 The Feast Of A Witch’s Death
Everyone was in fancy clothes and the dining hall was full. The banquet was soon to begin. A young servant stood next to the prince, doing his best to hide the disgust he had of the reason for the feast. A girl who didn't want to be there because of the reason for the feast. A proud king who was happy for the fall of another one of his enemies; witches. Servants rushing about as the banquet was prepared. Nobles talking and admiring how pretty or handsome the opposite gender is. Knights and other nobles conversing about strategies and current problems they were facing.

This was the scene that was in front of me in the large, candle-lighted-in-chandeliers dining hall. The candle flames seemed to dance in anger and sadness as the people below smiled and laughed.

Hunter refused to talk to me and the twin spirit guides weren't anywhere to be seen. I was alone in there, feeling insecure and lonely, wishing Hunter would just talk to me. It was clear he didn't want to keep the secret. He walked around with a pan of refreshments and served people. I greatly regretted saying he was a servant as I stood alone and some guys tried to flirt with me.

A girl who was enjoying herself but clearly disliked the event noticed me and walked to me. She had been talking to some other girls. She was beautiful; her skin was fair, her lips red like a rose, her hair long and black as the night sky, eyes a brown like trees in a dark forest.

"Hello. I don't think we've met?" she said. "I'm Morgana."

"I'm Alexandra. It's nice to meet you." I said.

Her dress was a rich purple and her hair was french braided in the back. I knew she would end up being a powerful witch who would become the enemy of Camelot, but seeing her now… It was so strange. She was so gentle, beautiful and polite. I remembered King Uther had said something of her marrying Arthur and then thought about how she had ended up being Arthur's half- sister. I was disgusted thinking of that incest for a moment, and quickly got over it. Not my place to judge a place and time I don't belong in.

"Are you new to Camelot?" Morgana asked.


"What do you think of Arthur?" She asked

I looked to her and noticed she was staring at the young prince.

"I could not say; I haven't talked to him enough." I responded.

She frowned at the ground and I thought about how mature she was for her age. I guess living in the medieval ages causes some to grow up faster. Everyone began sitting down and I followed their action.

"To another victory against the witches!" the king bellowed, raising his glass.

Everyone raised their glasses in excitement. After that, everyone started eating and a beautiful woman came to the front of the room.

"May I present to you, Lady Catherine of Glendale, and her beautiful voice!" A servant exclaimed from the front and then quickly left.

I looked up, wondering who she was and saw under her mask to the witch that was under the disguise. It spooked me and I wondered what was going on, which I figured out when she started singing. Her singing was a spell in itself and I quickly covered my ears to block the noise. Hunter saw me and looked confused, but he quickly covered his ears while everyone started falling asleep. Merlin had noticed it was a spell as well and covered his ears. The woman went into position to throw a knife at the prince and Merlin looked up to the chandelier above her.

The next few things happened so fast it was hard to keep track. First, Hunter and I ran to the witch, then the chandelier fell on her. Everyone woke up to see her as a beautiful woman crushed by a chandelier and I stomped on the necklace she was wearing, but nothing happened. Hunter, quickly catching on, stomped on the pendant of the necklace, causing a bright flash and an old lady to appear instead of the beautiful woman from before.

"My son was innocent! He didn't do anything wrong! I just want you to know what it feels like to lose your son as well,

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